On-Street and Metered Visitor Parking

We’re glad you chose to visit Downtown Marquette! Two-hour complimentary on-street public parking is available throughout the district. For longer stays, metered parking up to ten hours is available on West Main Street, West Baraga Avenue, East Washington Street and West Spring Street. Meters are also located in the Lakeshore Boulevard Lot and the Marquette Commons Lot off of South Third Street. The parking rate is 50 cents per hour. The DDA is in the process of replacing the outdated existing parking meters (circa 1950) throughout the downtown district with new smart meters. The new meters accept coins as well as VISA, MasterCard and Discover credit cards, making payment quick and easy. These units are designed to be intuitive, convenient and reliable, with an illuminated screen that guides the user through the transaction and makes it easy to see all of the information. A short instructional video can be viewed below.


Bluff Street Parking Ramp

Downtown Marquette is moving to a pay station parking system in the lower level of the Bluff Street Ramp. This modernization in parking allows for multiple methods of payment and extension of time, helping to create a more seamless visit. Upon parking, users are required to enter their license plate number into the pay station and make the appropriate payment for their desired stay-time following the simple instructions on the display panel. The pay station is located inside the ramp at the center of the south wall. Parking rates are 50 cents per hour, with cash and credit card payments accepted. Complimentary 2-hour parking is available in the Bluff Street Parking Ramp’s upper level.

Written Instructions:
Smart Meter and Pay Station Instructions

Parking is enforced Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Rental Permit Parking

Welcome to the Downtown Marquette Rental Parking System. Rental permits are available from the Downtown Development Authority for those who park downtown on a regular basis.

The DDA maintains and manages eight parking lots in the downtown district. Five of the lots are shared between rental (long-term) parkers and short-term customer/visitor parking. Several are dedicated for either customer only or rental permit only parking. A parking permit allows you to park your car for the day in any of the parking lots designated as “Rental Permit Parking.” The rental rate is $25 per month, and permits are invoiced quarterly. Overnight permits are available for downtown residents at a rate of $35 per month to park in designated parking lots. Please note, overnight parking is not permitted in the upper level of the Bluff Street Parking Ramp, the North Main Street Lot and the Lakeshore Boulevard Lot. Temporary parking permits are also available; contact the Marquette Downtown Development Authority at (906) 228-9475 for more information on this option.

By purchasing a parking permit in downtown and parking in “rental permit designated lots”, you are contributing to the well-being of the downtown district. First, you are saving the best spaces for customers and clients and allowing them to find convenient parking. The experts tell us that the annual value of one customer parking space is $70,000 in retail sales to downtown businesses. Secondly, all parking revenue is reinvested into snow removal and maintenance of safe streets, sidewalks, walkways and parking areas throughout the downtown district.

Once again, thank you for parking where it makes “cents” and for helping keep downtown strong!

Parking Permit Registration Form

Marquette’s Downtown District Parking Guide

Marquette Parking Study (2013)

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