Surviving with Goodness: Anna’s Story

Posted on September 25, 2019

Surviving with Goodness: Anna’s Story

Bennett Media Group presents a mini documentary about Spread Goodness Day, coming alive in the face of a life-changing stroke.

(September 24, 2019) Marquette, Michigan – Bennett Media Group and Spread Goodness
Day have released a mini documentary called “Surviving with Goodness: Anna’s Story”. Anna Dravland, Founder of SGD, suffered a massive stroke just weeks after launching the marketing for the inaugural event in November 2017. The story chronicles her path to recovery and unwavering commitment to making Spread Goodness Day happen throughout communities worldwide. Dravland was recognized in August 2019 by global organization “Points of Light” as a “Daily Point of Light” award winner for her efforts in sparking world change through volunteerism.
Spread Goodness Day inspires a global day of simple goodness by encouraging individuals, businesses, schools & organizations to take one deliberate action of goodness on this one day to prove that one act of goodness multiplied by hundreds, thousands, and maybe millions can, and always will, change the world every day.

What do you do for Spread Goodness Day? Spread the goodness. To whoever you want, however you want and to whatever extreme you want. Celebrate goodness in your unique, do-gooder ways. Volunteer, buy a coffee, open a door or host your own event!
It’s not about paying it forward.
It’s not about service.
It’s about goodness in whatever way is natural to you. Let’s change the world with goodness and make the future so bright, you’re gonna need shades!

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