National Bike Month Celebrated in Downtown Marquette

Posted on May 5, 2014
Bike Downtown Marquette

The Marquette Downtown Development Authority (MDDA) is celebrating National Bike Month in Downtown Marquette. Established in 1956 and celebrated during the month of May, National Bike Month provides an opportunity to create awareness of the many benefits of bicycling and encourages more folks to give it a try. Whether you bike to work, school, or to explore your community, biking offers a way to preserve one’s health and environment.

The MDDA is creating awareness through social media by sharing educational information and fun facts to their 9,200+ Facebook fans and inviting people to participate in a “Bike Downtown Marquette Photo Contest” where one lucky winner will receive $100 in gift cards to local Downtown Marquette bike shops. The contest will be held from May 5 – May 15 with the winner being announced on May 16. Those wishing to participate must submit a photo of themselves and their bike, photos will be featured in the Downtown Marquette Facebook album where fans can like, comment and share their favorite entries. The image with the most Facebook engagement will win. A full list of contest rules and guidelines can be found at by visiting the Downtown Marquette website at The MDDA would like to remind and encourage motorists traveling throughout the Downtown District to be cautious and aware of bicyclists and pedestrians at all times.  Motorists can follow four rules to help ensure the safety of those traveling on bicycles.

  1. Watch your speed.
  2. Look before you open the car door, when parked on the street.
  3. Be patient, after a stop light or sign, it takes cyclists a moment to build up speed.
  4. When turning right, a motorist should always yield to bicyclists going straight.

2010: League of American Bicyclists named Marquette a “Bicycle Friendly Community”
2009: Bike Magazine named Marquette as the number one place in the U.S. to bike and live
2009: Bike Magazine named Marquette’s trails among the top “33 of the Greatest Trails in North America”