Marquette DDA Awarded 2018 Keep America Beautiful Grant

Posted on April 24, 2018

The Marquette Downtown Development has been awarded a 2018 Keep American Beautiful grant as part of its Cigarette Litter Prevention Program. The grant in the amount of $2,500, includes program funds to help purchase cigarette urns to be placed in strategic locations in the downtown, educate adult smokers about the negative effects of cigarette butt litter, and distribute portable ash trays to smokers to reduce the incidents of cigarette litter. The grant is one of 42 awarded nationwide. According to Helen Lowman, Keep America Beautiful President and CEO, “The 2018 grant recipients are charged with moving the program forward to help educate and inspire smokers to do the right thing.” Carl Lindquist, Executive Director for the Superior Watershed Partnership stated that people often don’t make the connection that cigarette butts are litter and when they are tossed onto the street the butt goes down a storm drain and ends up on our local beaches. The DDA is partnering with the Superior Watershed Partnership and the Community Foundation of Marquette County to implement the grant program.