Downtown Spring Open: Team Rules & Guidelines

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  1. This event is structured like a real golf tournament; however, it is done purely for fun and to raise money for the Janzen House, a local non profit in Downtown Marquette.
  2. Each team must supply their own golf putter(s) and ball(s).
  3. Registration opens at 10:30 a.m. at Ramada Marquette, 412 W Washington St. Teams will be released from Ramada Marquette at 12:30 p.m. Teams golf at their designated locations and continue throughout the course in numerical order (Example: Start at hole six, proceed to seven…etc.) Teams not playing in course order will be disqualified. Starting holes will be assigned during check in.
  4. Golfers must be 21 years old to participate. Please bring proof of I.D.
  5. Golfers must complete all designated holes to qualify for prizes (holes will be assigned at registration and indicated on your scorecard).
  6. Teams can purchase up to one mulligan per player for $10 each at event check in. A mulligan takes one stroke off your final team score. Event staff will track all mulligans purchased.
  7. In order to qualify for prizes, teams must turn in their score cards by 4 p.m. to the game day staff located at Hole # 1, Ramada Marquette and be present for the Awards Ceremony which will take place promptly following the review of final scores.
  8. Putting must start behind the tape in the designated start area on the green.
  9. The ball must go in the hole to count.
  10. If a ball leaves the playing area, the golfer must put the ball back at the start of the hole and add one penalty stroke plus the stroke that went out of bounds (i.e. 2 strokes for a ball that goes out of bounds, golfers will then be hitting their 3rd stroke).
  11. Only one golfer plays the hole at a time.
  12. Any team displaying inappropriate behavior or not following the rules can be disqualified at any location by event staff or hole monitor.
  13. Any disputes about scoring will be resolved by the event staff or hole monitor at each individual station. Event staff will be stationed at Ramada Marquette during the event to answer questions.
  14. If your team has less than four golfers, one golfer may golf twice.
  15. If your team does not check in, or is disqualified, there will be no refund of registration fees paid.
  16. Cancellations are not refunded.
  17. All golfers are to report directly to Ramada Marquette for prize distribution immediately following the completion of the course. Teams must be present to win. First, second, third place teams will be determined by actual scorecard comparison. Event scorekeepers and event volunteers vote on the rest of prize categories.
  18. If final score results in a tie, a “putt off” will take place at Ramada Marquette at the conclusion of the event.
  19. The lowest combined team score wins!
  20. Checker Bus will be providing transportation to and from particular locations. These locations will be specified on the back of your score card and at check in.


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