Downtown Businesses- Register for Summer Sidewalk Sales Event

Posted on July 18, 2017

The Marquette DDA will sponsoring a “Summer Sidewalk Sales” event for this summer.  The event will begin the week of July 24th and will run Wednesday through Sunday until November 1, 2017. Because this will be considered a DDA Sanctioned Event, we need to know who is participating and are requiring those businesses that wish to participate to register with the DDA.  Businesses within the downtown district can register below or by stopping by the DDA Offices and completing the proper form.

NOTE If a downtown business puts merchandise on the street before registering, they will not be considered part of the event and will be in violation of the City Zoning Ordinance that disallows outdoor displays of merchandise.

Merchandise displays in the downtown district can create an interesting shopping environment that promotes and supports the efforts of businesses.  However, outdoor merchandise displays can also result in a cluttered and unattractive appearance and create obstructions for pedestrians and those with disabilities.  To ensure that the downtown is attractive and safe during the Sidewalk Sales Event the following guidelines are to be followed:

  • Outdoor displays must be located within the business’ frontage.
  • All outdoor displays shall be located as to maintain minimum width of 5′ of unobstructed linear non-meandering path of travel on the sidewalk at all times.
  • In no case shall the location of an outdoor display occur within an area required for vehicular circulation, parking, loading, or emergency vehicle access.
  • Outdoor displays must maintain an orderly appearance and displayed only during hours of operation for the associated business and must be removed at the close of the business day.
  • Those businesses that have acquired a City Sidewalk Café Permit are NOT eligible to display merchandise while also utilizing sidewalk café seating.
  • Outdoor displays shall be secured to prevent movement.  However, they must not be permanently anchored to the right-of-way nor attached or affixed to any public tree, tree guard, sign, or similar fixture.

2017 Summer Sidewalk Sales Registration