Digital Downtown Marquette Business Information Update Form

This form is for business located within Downtown Marquette’s district ONLY.

If your business does not have an online sales presence, but would be interested in pursuing one, please contact Invent @ NMU. Invent @ NMU is offering FREE assistance to local businesses to improve their online presence.

COVID-19 Business Information

Modified business information during gov. mandated closures
  • Name of business Located in Downtown Marquette
  • This is for internal MDDA use only, it will not be published.
  • This is for internal MDDA use only, it will not be published.
  • Business' physical address within Downtown Marquette. This is REQUIRED, whether or not your business is open at the physical location.
  • Complete ONLY if you will take orders or questions over the phone.
  • Please complete ONLY if you have a business website and can conduct business through it. No Facebook pages, please.
  • Complete ONLY if you would like one of your contact means to be via email
  • Please select all that apply.
  • please select all that apply
  • Please include a short description of cleaning procedures, distancing rules, and other actions taken by your business to maximize public safety.
  • Please include phone number or websites specific to the sale of gift certificates, along with how those will be delivered to individuals (digitally, by mail, delivery)
  • Is there anything else you'd like the MDDA or the public to know about your business? (Please specify if there is information for MDDA staff only.)
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