DDA Welcomes U.P. Reef to Downtown Marquette

Posted on March 25, 2018

On Thursday, March 22, Marquette Downtown Development Authority welcomed U.P. Reef to their new location in second floor of the Wattsson and Wattsson Marketplace Building at 118 W. Washington St. in Downtown Marquette. Initially started as a side business, owner Jeff Larson’s hobby has grown into the U.P.’s only saltwater aquarium design, supply and maintenance retail shop. They also offer maintenance services for those with established tanks in their homes, businesses, and offices. Pictured, from left to right is Mona Lang, Marquette Downtown Development Authority Executive Director, Adaleh Larson, daughter of the owner of U.P. Reef, owner Jeff Larson, Candice Blackstone-Larson, wife of owner of U.P. Reef, and daughter Cora Larson.