Blueberry Quest 2020

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Thank you for participating in Blueberry Quest 2020. All 20 blueberries have now been claimed.

Here in Downtown Marquette, we sure are missing all of the traditional summer events, especially Blueberry Fest! This year would have been the 20th anniversary, so we thought we would do something special for the occasion, even if we can’t have our traditional festival.

Starting Friday, July 31, 20 “blueberry” rocks will be hidden outside throughout the Blueberry Festival event area as an homage to our favorite summertime downtown event. Each blueberry rock will have a unique code, which is redeemable for a $20 gift card to a downtown business that traditionally participates in Blueberry Festival. Be sure to check around the following areas:

100 block W. Washington Street
100 block E. Washington Street
100 block S. Front Street
200 block S. Front Street

How to win

Search out a blueberry rock in Downtown Marquette and enter the unique code, along with your contact information in the form below before Sunday, August 2 at 11:59 p.m. One entry per person, please. Help us spread the word by sharing a photo of yourself with the blueberry rock you find on social media, using the hashtags #blueberryquest2020 and #downtownmarquette. Gift certificates will be sent out the following week.

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