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Celebrate National Bike Month with us by checking out the resources
below for fun and safe ways to bike throughout the district.

National Bike to Work Week

Round up your coworkers and friends and bike to work during the week of May 16-21! As part of National Bike Month, Bike to Work week  is an opportunity to celebrate the unique power of the bicycle and the many reasons we ride. Whether you bike to work or school, to save money or time, to preserve your health or the environment, to explore your community or to get to your destination, now is the time to get your bike ready for the road. Biking is not only for recreation but it is a pleasant way to get to all of the places you need to go. Enjoy free parking at one of the many blue bike racks throughout Downtown Marquette!

Bikes & Gear in Downtown Marquette

Down Wind Sports Logo Quick Stop Logo Sports Rack Logo
Down Wind Sports
514 North Third Street
(906) 226-7112
Quick Stop Bike Shop
1100 North Third Street
(906) 335-1577
Sports Rack
315 West Washington Street
(906) 225-1766
The Flying Moose
351 West Washington Street
(906) 273-2246

Community Awards

  • 2010: League of American Bicyclists named Marquette a “Bicycle Friendly Community”
  • 2009: Bike Magazine named Marquette as the number one place in the U.S. to bike and live
  • 2009: Bike Magazine named Marquette’s trails among the top “33 of the Greatest Trails in North America”

5 Steps to Better Riding

1. Follow the Rules of the Road

  • Ride with traffic and obey the same laws as motorists
  • Use the rightmost lane that heads in the same direction that you are traveling
  • Always look back and use hand and arm signals to indicate your intention to stop, merge or turn

2. Be Visible

  • Ride where drivers can see you
  • Wear brightly colored and / or reflective clothing
  • At night use white front light and red rear light

3. Be Predictable

  • Ride in a straight line and don’t swerve between parked cars
  • Make eye contact with motorists and let them know you are there
  • Do not ride on the sidewalk

4. Anticipate Conflicts

  • Be aware of the traffic around you and be
  • prepared to take evasive action
  • Learn breaking and turning techniques to
  • avoid crashes
  • Be extra alert at intersections

5. Wear a Helmet

  • Make sure the helmet fits on top of your head, not tipped back or forward
  • Replace your helmet after a crash impact that affects your helmet, visible or not

Tips for Motorists

  1. Watch your speed. Injuries resulting from accidents between cyclists and motorists are often exacerbated by excessive speed on the part of the motorist.
  2. Look before you open the car door. When parked on the street, to ensure that there are no bikers.
  3. Be patient. After a stop light or sign, it takes cyclists a moment to build up speed.
  4. Everyone benefits from biking to work. For every person who bikes to work in Downtown Marquette, there is an additional parking space.
  5. When turning right, a motorist should always yield to bicyclists going straight.

Biking Map

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